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Lots of Available Homes for Buyers?? Get the Whole Story

Tennessee Real estateWhile showing homes in the Franklin TN area this past weekend I had a surprising experience.  At a glance there seems to be quite a few properties that fit my clients' needs and their price range - the mid $200,000s.  We looked at five homes but could have choosen a few more to see.  You might expect some of those five homes to be good prospects, right?  Not even close!  We have excluded all five homes plus one other property that we drove by.  My buyers are looking for a house with three bedrooms on the main level and very few stairs to enter the home.  They want a little space to raise a family and be able to relax outside.  The Goal: A one level home with or without a bonus room.  Unfortunately, this is what we found:

1) The home was not put into the MLS correctly.  It indicated three bedrooms on the main level but in reality, it only had one down stairs.  You had to climb a whole flight of stairs to reach the other two bedrooms.  We didn't even look upstairs because my client can't physically climb that many stairs.  This is probably my biggest pet peeve - attention to detail when using one of the greatest resources agents have.  The MLS information is only as good as the attention to detail of the person putting in the listing!! 

Do you have interest in a house with 0 bedrooms and 5 full baths? I know where that one is too! The sellers would probably be sick if they realized how many people don't even know their (limited service) listing is on the market!  I can't recall a single home search I've set up that didn't begin with minimum number of bedrooms.

2) The price was appealing but the traffic noise from the nearby Interstate was not what my clients had in mind for relaxing in their back yard.  This house would also require a good bit of updating to be what they wanted. 

3) Lots of traffic noise from a parkway behind house.  This house also needs some work.

4) Very nice home.  Exactly what my clients are looking for but there's a busy parkway just past the beautifully landscaped back yard.  Again, too much traffic noise.

5) My clients weren't comfortable with the neighborhoods surrounding this last house. 

Even though we crossed out each of these houses on our list, I do consider it to be a productive afternoon.  This was our first day out to look at homes so even though I knew some of these homes backed to a parkway, I still thought is was worthwhile to view the house as an example of what the neighborhood had to offer.  It's good for buyers to see what is really out there.  The photos and details online might make a house look better than it is or it might only tell part of the story.  You've got to see the property in person - inside, outside & the surrounding area to tell if it's for you.   While certain areas and price ranges do have a lot of inventory that MEETS YOUR EXCEPTATIONS, others might not. 

These particular buyers are looking for something that is a bit scarce in this price range.  When it pops up, we are going to have to move fast.  Don't let popular opinions or misconceptions (all sellers are desperate, homes are selling for way below asking price, there are plenty of homes to choose from, etc.) keep you from your ideal next home.  As for the buyers I spent the afternoon with, they are pre-qualified and we are ready to pounce when the right property comes along! 

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Comment balloon 4 commentsTiffany White • March 30 2009 11:19PM


It is also a pet peeve of mine when info in MLS is inaccurate.  I once had a listing in a neighborhood where there was a house that was closely priced to my listing, but showed that the master was on 2nd floor.  Everyone interested in this particular neighborhood kept requesting a master on the main.  Imagine my surrise one day when I had the time to preview the other house and found a doorway on the right side of the greatroom leading to (surprise) the master suite.  The price finally dropped significantly and the house went under contract.  I wonder if it would have sold much faster and for more money if it had shown up in searches for the master bedroom on the 1st floor.

Posted by Renee L. Norton about 10 years ago

Renee, I bet there would have been more buyers for that house if it was put in MLS correctly showing a 1st floor master.  I'm glad to know I'm not the only one annoyed by others lack of attention to detail.  Thanks for letting me vent!

Posted by Tiffany White, Franklin TN Real Estate (Keller Williams Realty - Franklin TN) about 10 years ago

Tiffany - It's amazing to me that buyers just don't understand that really good houses in Franklin are selling quickly, and at decent prices. It's going to be a great spring.

Posted by Larry Brewer - Benchmark Realty llc (Benchmark Realty LLc) about 10 years ago

Good post Tiffany.  I agree with you about the perfect house. And when the MLS listings are wrong, drives me crazy!  And I am sorry for the sellers who, as you say, are missing showings.

Posted by Monica Neubauer, Franklin, TN - Realtor, Trainer (Benchmark Realty) about 10 years ago

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